I’ve been an admirer of artist (and Gravedigger fan) Flint Henry since the mid-80s, when he began drawing a back-up comic in Timothy Truman’s Scout, called Monday: The Eliminator. A while later, he became the artist of my all-time favorite comic, Grimjack. I also enjoyed the work he did with writer Chuck Dixon on a book called Lawdog a few years later.

I’ve never had the honor of working directly with Flint, but while I was editing comics in the 1990s for an outfit called Tekno*Comix, I did talk to him a few times about the possibility of having him do some work for the company. It didn’t pan out, but I enjoyed our conversations, and was pleasantly surprised when he gifted me a CD of John Zorn’s Spillane album. Obviously, this was a man after my own hardboiled heart.

Anyway, here’s a terrific caricature of Digger McCrae’s favorite actor by one of my favorite artists.

– Chris

© Flint Henry. Used with Permission.